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Arrived at Guilford Lake, Wednesday June 4,2008

Last night we got some RAIN and THUNDER and LIGHTNING!. Actually we got more than we bargained for but not as bad as it could have been. We were as you recall in Zanesville Ohio about 60 miles due east of Columbus and just north of Interstate 70.

We got some rain then they interrupted the TV for most of the night to keep everyone informed of tornado watches and tornado warnings. The warnings were fortunately just south of I-70. However, we got about 1 ¾ inches of rain.

We were awakened about 4 am with a big storm and checked the TV for weather and found out we were in a tornado watch area. Around 8 am all was calm. I checked radar and found out the remainder of the day was sprinkles in Dillon State Park and sprinkles at Guilford Lake State Park. Guilford is only 120 miles away so we decide it was safe to travel and arrived at Guilford around 1pm.

We are set up at Guilford, no rain at the present, but more is expected tonight. Later we will meet up with Rich Bryer for a cookout at his house and then watch the hockey game.

Temperatures remain in the 70’s but hotter weather is expected this week.

Happy Trails

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Dillon State Park, Zanesville, OH

Monday and Tuesday June 2 and 3, 2008

Dillon State Park, Zanesville, Ohio

Today is Monday, June 2, 2008 and the weather continues to be from heaven compared to Florida. Several calls home and we have verified that it is hot with no rain insight. Last night we had the heat on since it was a chilly 55 degrees. It warmed up to the mid 80’s but without the humidity it was pleasant. We expect rain tomorrow and higher temperatures

Kath and I went to the Longaberger Basket factory today and into Dresden, Ohio. Dresden reminds me of rural America. Such places simply do not exist in Florida. A small town surrounded by farms with freshly plowed fields. The town has an IGA grocery store and a soda fountain. The only other industry is basket shops selling ”retired” Longaberger baskets.

We returned to the campground late afternoon to relax and enjoy the weather and solitude of the area.

Kathy is reading as usual. Note that the campground is well maintained but not very crowded. Not bad for $11 per night!

Wednesday we will travel to Guilford Lake State Park, which is just across the lake from Rich Bryer’s summer place. The trip will be a short 125 miles. Ray and Linda Blush will then join us on Friday. This is our second annual visit to Rich’s with Ray and Linda. Can’t wait to go to the Spread Eagle Tavern and have their Yankee Pot Roast. If you remember, last year I declared it to be the best I had ever eaten. I’ll let you know if my opinion changes.

We had rain around 9 am Tuesday but itis now 11 and things have cleared for now. We are out and about Zanesville to see some local sights and check out the antique stores. It is now a pleasant 74 degrees.

Happy Trails

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Wytheville, Va. Saturday, May 31, 2008

Not much to report. Drove from Maggie to Wytheville, Va yesterday, about a 200 mile trip. We will leave tomorrow and drive to Dillon State Park in OH. That will be a 300 mile trip.

Dillon is close to the Longaberger basket factory. Kathy visited it last year but wants another shot at it this year.

Today was just a kick back relaxing day.

The weather has been very pleasant in the mid to upper 70's.

Not sure when we will have access to the internet, it could be a few days.

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Thursday May 29, 2008 Hiking Day on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Thursday May 29, 2008 - Hiking Day on the Blue Ridge Parkway

I broke down and purchased some hiking boots and just had to try them out. Yesterday was a rainy day and we just hung out at the MoHo and enjoyed the creek between raindrops. Today, however, we decided to get serious about hiking.

We picked up a hiking map at the tourist info center the other day and mapped out a driving and hiking route. We left Maggie and headed west to the Blue Ridge Parkway. We found several places to hike and decided to take the Parkway generally south and east toward Hwy 276 and return north on 276 to Waynesville.

The temperature today was about 70 and the drive was very spectacular. Not many cars and just beautiful scenery.

Our first hike was the Richland Balsam trail. It is a 1.5-mile loop from an elevation of 6,010 feet to the summit at 6,410 feet. Sounds pretty simple right? Not so, very narrow slippery rock path through a balsam pine and spruce fir forest. We made it to the summit and back!


After this hike we decided to rethink the rest of the hikes we had planned. So we cut out the paved but steep 0.8-mile trail at Devil’s Courthouse and the 1.5-mile hike to Black Balsam Bald.

We did save the hike to the waterfalls. There is both an upper and lower waterfall at the Graveyard Fields. We did the lower falls and decided the upper falls (2 mile round trip) would wait for another day.

The hike to the lower falls was downhill all the way which meant it would be up hill coming back. It turned out to be a very nice hike which was paved at the top and had wooden stairs instead of slippery rocks for the really steep areas.



Tomorrow is a travel day to Wytheville, Virginia. It’s about a 200-mile trip north of Asheville. We will spend 2 nights in the area and then travel into Ohio.

Hope you are enjoying our trip as much as we are.

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Maggie and Brevard NC

We promised photos in our last blog. So here we go.

First the weekend group Dave and Lori, Chuck and Judy and Kathy and Dennis on our hike on Whiteside Mountain near Cashiers.


After the group left we moved the MoHo closer to the creek at StoneBridge RV Resort in Maggie Valley.

We can hear the sounds of the creek and spent sometime relaxing next to the creek. Our MoHo is 10 feet in front of the Creek.



Tuesday was another great day in the mountains! We started off and went to Dillsboro to explore, shop, and have lunch, then through a series of emails and phone calls we were able to meet up with Bill and Pam Weishaupt in Brevard, North Carolina. Bill is also a Florida Power retiree and he and Dennis knew each other through work and gatherings at Eric Major’s.

After getting directions and about an hour and a half drive through the winding hilly mountain roads, we met at Dugan’s, an Irish pub in downtown Brevard, to have a drink and visit.



Then Bill and Pam took us on a tour of their mountain and a stop at their house high up on the mountain overlooking a lake. Along the way to their cabin we were fortunate enough to see white squirrels (not albino, just white).


Bill and Pam have a lot of wild life around their cabin and have pictures of the deer, skunk, fox, hummingbirds, and bear (yes, bear!) to prove it.

We enjoyed visiting with them at their cabin and before we left to return to Maggie Valley they took us to Dunn’s Rock Community Center. According to Bill this is on the dark side of the mountain, real down to earth mountain people. We attended, as guests, to hear some wonderful mountain musicians pickin on their guitars. It was just an impromptu gathering to pick and jam. Something these folks really enjoyed doing. There were ten musicians (8 men, 1 woman, and 1 boy about 13 years old) arranged in a 15-foot diameter circle playing and singing. They took turns singing and passing the microphone counterclockwise around the circle for the next person to pick a song and sing while the others joined in as lead, bass and rhythm. The songs ranged from Honkey Tonk Angel to Family Bible, Margaritaville, and Blue Roses.

Then at 9pm we travelled back over Cold Mountain to Maggie. It was a rather exciting ride in the night through the twisty dark mountain roads. It was, all in all, a night to remember and add to our memories.

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